Growing up as kids we all feared the monsters that we thought lived under our beds or hid in our closet at night; well I have come to the realization that monsters do exist and they don ´ t hide under beds or closets; they are among us in the form of everyday people. You sometimes work with these monsters, go to school with them, you live next door to them, you may even be friends with them, and they can even be family members. Monsters come in every shape, form, color, gender, and background, They are usually the very ones we don ´ t expect; the ones we get so comfortable with that we let our guards down and before you know they come in out of nowhere and attack, but here´s the truth they are not as scary and powerful as they want you to believe.

See, monsters don ´ t prey on weak individuals; they are attracted to the strongest and wisest people on Earth because they themselves do not and cannot naturally embody or possess these qualities. Monsters are very insecure beings who are not happy with themselves; they are very envious of others, and they covet everything that does not belong to them; so they aim to steal the strength, confidence, power, and self love of others. They do this by getting close to you; they learn you and study you closely; trying to find your weak points; and then out of nowhere they start feeding off your energy. Once they think they have you figured out they start to use your weaknesses against you; slowly they will start to tear down your self esteem and use manipulation to get you to do things you would not normally do. They are masters at using fear tactics to cause you to second guess yourself; they will even go so far as to start mimicking you because at the end of the you are who they wish they could be and who they want to be, but do not be alarmed because you are far more powerful than these soulless beings could ever be! Even at your weakest moments they still are no match for you.

Some ways to avoid becoming a victim to these monsters is to always listen to your inner voice and pay attention to how you feel around them; when you feel something is not right, it´s not right so always go with your gut. Always talk less and listen more; these individuals are not as smart as they appear to be and they will always tell on themselves. Know who you are, because if you don´t they can easily talk you out of things that you are destined to do and pull you away from your own judgement and lastly set healthy boundaries with people from the start; one thing a monster hates more than anything are boundaries and they will become very angry and try to guilt trip you when told no, but don´t fold just stand up in your power and and get as far away from them as you can; cut off all forms of communication with these beings immediately .

In conclusion, yes monsters do exist here among us but you have nothing to fear as long as you love yourself and stand strong in your power. Remember only weak beings feel the need to use fear and manipulation to make themselves feel powerful; the powerful don´t need to resort to these behaviors because we were already born powerful and shall remain powerful and undefeated!