Now here in the present, it would be very clique to call my journey a new chapter. This journey I ´ m on is so much bigger only to be limited to a chapter; this is a whole new book of my life! I am walking a path into the unknown with lots of surprises and everything is all new. When I discovered I was blessed with the gift of writing and storytelling, I knew it would require many sacrifices. It would require and demand that I come out of my comfort zone completely. There have been moments along this journey where my thoughts tried getting the best of me and I would become very anxious at the thought of having to do things that in the past I was afraid to do like being interviewed and speaking in front of audiences. I would be terrified in my mind, but the Divine calling over my life was way stronger and my Source would not allow me to be defeated by fear. So because I am the person who chooses to find beauty in negative situations and unpleasant feelings; I encourage all my readers and followers to do the very thing that scares you the most! The beautiful secret about fear is that it can be transmuted to power. Then the power it creates sets you free forever, and because I write stories in African American folklore style and I am so inspired by the culture it´s only right that I honor my Ancestors and recognize Juneteenth, known as the independence day and historical moment of freedom for the enslaved Black Americans on June 19, 1865. I´m quite sure to finally be free it was exactly everything my ancestors had prayed, sang, and danced for many many centuries; but it must of also been scary as well walking into the unknown free, yet not sure where to start next. But my ancestors did not let fear stop them; they chose to walk into the unknown with much courage to start a whole new journey! See, true freedom requires facing fear, so always remember these brave souls who faced fear head on as they embarked on a new journey to freedom, so that Black American citizens like myself could do the same. Thanks to their faith, perseverance, strength, and courage; I can freely walk my own new path creating a new legacy as an author using my gifts and talents to heal this world and help humanity evolve.

In conclusion, feel the fear and do anyway; you are far more powerful than you know!