Self-love is the most important love one will ever experience.

As an author, I must express the importance of having love for oneself in my stories. Self-love is the most important love one will ever experience. When you genuinely love yourself, you can give and receive genuine love from others. Self-love also improves physical health as well as emotional and mental health.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that teaches us to search for love and acceptance outside of ourselves, which is one of the leading causes of low self-esteem in children. Sources like social media and television are constantly advertising false images and unrealistic beauty standards. Which can penetrate the impressionable minds of children, leading them to feel like they are not good enough just being who they are.

I was once a prisoner of this false illusion; I spent many years trying to be someone else to appease others because I didnĀ“t like myself. I got so tired of being miserable in my skin that I decided it was time to accept the harsh reality that I was never created to be someone else. I was made to be myself.

Once I started to give myself the love I was so desperately seeking outside of myself, is when my whole reality shifted miraculously. I discovered so many beautiful parts of myself I never knew existed. I finally realised how cool I am as an individual. I found I was given the gift of writing, so I must use my gift of writing to inspire children to love themselves no matter what society says. It is your opinion and perception of yourself that matters.

In conclusion, self-love is the most important love one will ever experience. It makes you more powerful, significant, and influential as a human being. So never dim your love light within because it was meant to shine bright, and you were meant to be you exactly how you were created!